Frequently Asked Questions

HandHeld Pulse Oximeter

What's SpO2?
SpO2 means the saturation percentage of oxygen in the blood.
What's the normal range of SpO2 value for healthy people?

The normal range varies by individual, but usually over 95%, otherwise, please consult your physician.

What's the normal range of PR(pulse rate) value for healthy people?

Usually, the normal range is 60bpm~100bpm.

Why do the display value of SpO2 and PR vary with time?

The measured SpO2 and PR value changes in correspondence with the change of patient's physiological conditions.
What to do if there is no SpO2 and PR reading?

Do not shake the finger, and keep calm during the measurement. Please also avoid the Oximeter and the cuff on the same limb for blood pressure and oxygen saturation measurement simultaneously.

What to do if the Oximeter is moistened or sprayed by water?

Remove the batteries immediately and dry the Oximeter completely with a hair dryer.

How to confirm that the SpO2 reading is true or accurate?

Hold breath for a while (50 seconds or more), if the SpO2 value significantly decreases, it means that the SpO2 reading truly reflects the physiological condition change.

When to charge the batteries?
The icon of low battery will appear on the screen when the battery voltages are low. By then, device need to be charged.

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