Frequently Asked Questions

Checkme™ Pro Vital Signs Monitor

What is the difference between Standard and Suit?

Based on the Standard configuration, the Suit configuration comes with a blood glucose meter kit (a blood glucose meter, test strips, lancing device, sterile lancet included) and a carrying case.

How many functions does Checkme™ Pro support?

Checkem™ Pro Vital Signs Monitor integrates the functions of ECG monitor, Holter monitor, oximeter, blood pressure monitor, thermometer, sleep monitor, and mini monitor in one device. 
How can I measure my blood pressure with the Checkme™ Pro Vital Signs Monitor?

There is a blood pressure monitor included in the package. It allows users to measure and manage SYS (systolic) and DIA (diastolic) blood pressure data on device and smartphones.

Can the device show or detect PVCs and other arrhythmias when recording ECG?

The device can correctly identify different arrhythmias and it'll only show 'Irregular ECG' if any of them detected.

How can I measure ECG overnight with this device?

Please wear the Holter belt and ECG cable (included in the package) for overnight ECG measurement. It can support ECG measuring for up to 24 hours.

How can I measure ECG and oxygen levels at the same time?

Under the Mini monitor mode, ECG and oxygen saturation can be monitored at the same time via the multi-parameter splitter.

Real-time data will be displayed on the mobile APP when connected by Bluetooth.

Does it support multi-users? How many user accounts does it support?

This device supports multi-user management for up to 12 accounts.

Will this work with computer? How to use?

Yes. The Checkme Pro Vital Signs Monitor can work with windows system and macOS, compatible systems include Windows 7/8/10 and macOS 10.15 or above.

The Software name is “Checkme Browser Pro”. Please download the latest version from:

Please export data as below:

1)Connect the device to PC with the USB cable

2) On device, Settings->To PC 

What is the App name of the Checkme Pro? How can I transfer data to my mobile phone?

The App name is 'MyBests Hub'. Please turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile phone first, and then click "To mobile" on the device, you will be able to download and review all the data stored in the device to the App.

What is the sleep data? How long can 'Sleep Monitor' track sleep data? 

Sleep data include SpO2 And pulse rate. The 'Sleep Monitor' can monitor SpO2 And pulse rate for up to 10 hours.

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