Frequently Asked Questions

Checkme O2 Wrist Oxygen Monitor

Do I need to pair Bluetooth?
DO NOT PAIR in the settings of smartphone. Make sure the Bluetooth is enabled both on your phone and monitor.
Just launch App, select the device ID to enter App for the initial use.
Why do I need to allow location access for Android?

With android phone, you need to allow Location access to make Bluetooth work. We DO NOT collect your location data.

If you had refused the permission, you can try following steps to allow the access:

1) Reboot your phone;

2) Turn on “location”on your phone;

3) System settings -> Apps-> ViHealth, allow location access.

How to sync data?

Take off the sensor. After the countdown, the data will be ready for sync.

1) After the countdown, launch App to sync data.

2) Or next time after you turn on your monitor, launch App to sync.

Do I need to power off the monitor manually?

Usually no need. If you don’t use it, it will power off automatically in a while.
If the battery runs out during use, will the data be saved?


Can I change the settings of vibration and sound?

Yes. When the monitor connects to your phone, you can turn on/off the vibration or sound, adjust vibration intensity, volume, SpO2 threshold or PR threshold on App.

Can I change finger during use?

Yes, when you take the sensor off, the countdown will begin. During the countdown, wear the sensor again, the record will be resumed.

How do I set the date and time on my monitor?

1) Turn on your monitor.

2) Launch App on your phone.

3) The date and time on your monitor will automatically sync as your phone settings when it connects to App successfully.

How do I delete the stored data in my monitor?

You cannot delete the stored data manually. The stored data will be overwritten by the latest measuring data.

Can ambient light interfere with pulse oximetry readings?
Yes, ambient light containing the red spectrum may interfere with accurate readings from the oxygen saturation monitor. 

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