Frequently Asked Questions

24-Hour ECG Recorder

How to switch the device on and off?

It will automatically power on when wearing, stop working immediately when taking off.

How long does each measurement take?

At least 10 minutes, no more than 24 hours.
How can I download the PC software/Mac App?

The package comes with a USB drive with the analysis software (ECG Browser). Just insert the USB drive into your computer and download the software. The second way is download the PC software or Mac App on this page :

Will the user be able to view the recording as beat-by-beat ECG?

Yes. You can view the ECG record with the PC software after each measurement. Just download the PC software and connect the device to the computer to view the ECG/EKG waveform and get the report.

Does the ECG Recorder with AI Analysis have ANT+ Connection?

We're sorry that ECG Recorder doesn't support ANT+ connection.

How many records can the device store?

The device can store 10 ECG/EKG records, 30 hours in total. Each ECG/EKG record can up to 24 hours.

What information does the ECG analysis software/Mac App provide?

On free PC software or Mac App, you can download ECG waveform and detail reports including overview (6 items, such as Total number of heartbeats, Percentage of atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation), supraventricular rhythm (8 items, such as Couplet of PAC, Total Number of Supraventricular Heart Beats), ventricular rhythm (8 items, such as Total Number of Ventricular Heart Beats, Number of PVC), HRV (10 items, such as SDNN, RMSSD), ECG report conclusion (5 items), hourly statistics table of ECG data, and ECG Fragment.

Why are my records always showing as "Analyzing" on the PC software/Mac App? What can I do?

We're so sorry about that. This situation occurs sometimes because of system maintenance. Please try to delete the record and upload the data again. If still always showing "Analyzing", please contact our support team at Thank you for your understanding.

How can I get more electrode pads for replacement?
How can I get more chest straps for replacement?

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