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ECG Patches for Personal ECG Monitor - MDcubes
  • ECG electrodes patches for Personal ECG Monitor with Touchscreen.
  • Combined with external cable for noise-free ECG signal.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joanne S.P.
2 thumbs up

Very useful and easy to use. The monitor us very compact but it really recognizes arrhythmua.

Mike B.
Peace of mind achieved

During cardiac rehab, after triple bypass, I developed ventricular premature contractions (VPCs). If not for the portable EKG they use in rehab, I really would not have known. The news was depressing considering that I had been performing well. My doctor treated it with medication. However, with Covid-19 shutting down in-person doctor's visits, there was no good way to know for sure the medication was working. Luckily, my Personal ECG Monitor arrived in the mail about same time. This device is the only one that I found that list VPCs as part of their algorithm check for irregular heartbeat. Moreover, the external leads provide a better measurement and for a longer duration than most competing devices. The Personal ECG Monitor was easy to use and I was quickly assured that my heart beat had gone back to being normal. I shared the news with my doctor during the telehealth session and, after asking several other pertinent questions, told me I could go back to rehab. Slept really well that night. And I use the device periodically to make sure everything is remaining good. The phone app allows downloads of he EKG graph, which can be saved as a PDF and then shared. My doctor said to send the file to him if the device showed anything unusual. Until Covid-19 settles down and in-office visits resume, I feel that the Personal ECG Monitor is the best way to monitor your heart at home.

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